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Here you will find the most comon questions asked by our customers, if you cannot find the answer you need send us an email and we will try and answer your query.

Q. Can i mix refillable/compatible cartridges with OEM cartridges in my Printer?

A. NO...you can not mix the cartridges in your printer as this will corrupt the cartridge chips by doing this, you either have to have all OEM cartridges in your printer or all Compatibles/Refillables, if the chips have been corrupted by doing this then the cartridges should be discarded and new cartridges fitted.

Q. Do you sell Continuous Ink Supply Systems (CISS)

A. No we do not now sell the CISS systems for printers, we have discontinued these as a lot of the more recent printers the CISS systems are to difficult to fit and cause to many problems with the running of the supply tubes. There is no such problem with the Refillable Cartridges these give the customers less trouble free printing and are more reliable.

Q. Do your refillable printer cartridges come pre-filled with inks?

A. No none of our printer cartridges come filled with inks, but you can purchase our Opus Pro Refill bottles in our shop.

Q. What types of inks do Opus sell ?

A. Well sell only Dye Based inks which are used by most modern injet printer manufacturers today.

Q. My printer uses pigment inks can i use Dye Based inks in my printer ?

A. Using dye based inks in most printers will not cause any problem but please make sure that all pigment ink has been flushed from the system before using dye based inks.

Q. What is the difference betwen Dye Based inks and Pigment Inks?

A. Each ink has its Pros and Cons. Dye based inks give a much better vivid colours but can produce slight picture bleed. Pigment Inks do not produce the vivid colours dye based inks produce but do reduce the amount of picture bleed.

Q. Can your compatible cartridges be refilled?

A. No these cannot be refilled and are one time use only.

Q. Can my original OEM cartridges be refilled?

A. Some OEM cartridges can be rilled up to 4-5 times, to find out if you can refill and for instruction do a "Google search" this should bring you the results you require. You can use our Opus Pro Refill Inks for most brands of cartridges.

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