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Epson Cartridge FAQs


Here you will find some common questions and answers when using Compatible or Refillable printer cartridges with Epson printers.

QCan i mix refillable/compatible cartridges with OEM cartridges in my Printer?

A. NO...you can not mix the cartridges in your printer as this will corrupt the cartridge chips by doing this, you either have to have all OEM cartridges in your printer or all Compatibles/Refillables, if the chips have been corrupted by doing this then the cartridges should be discarded and new cartridges fitted.

Q. My cartridge is showing as unrecognised. I have printed with it since it was installed.

A. The printer driver on later Epson printers has been programmed to display this message when the ink runs out on a compatible cartridge. This is to discourage you from saving money by buying compatible cartridges. The print yield from your compatible cartridge is equal to the original.

Q. My cartridge shows as unrecognised or empty after switching on the printer or leaving it a while.

A. The printer periodically cleans the printhead, using ink from the cartridges. This may empty a cartridge resulting in these messages. Change the cartridge as normal.

Q. Why do I not get a low ink sign in the status monitor?

A. This is another example of the software making things difficult for compatible cartridge users.

Q. I have installed a replacement cartridge and now another cartridge is empty or unrecognised.

A. Installing a new cartridge takes ink out of all the cartridges also known as purging the cartridges, which may result in another one becoming empty.

Q. Why is there ink left in the cartridge when it becomes empty?

A. The printer counts how much ink is used and stops the cartridge at a certain point, this is preset and cannot be changed. Some printer models will allow more ink to be used than others.

Q. There are lines / streaks on the paper when printing.

A. Perform a print head cleaning cycle. This can be located within the printer maintenance menu. Print a nozzle check to see if all the nozzles are free of blockages. If breaks still appear on the printed page, repeat the process. If there are still breaks on the printed page do a maximum of 3 head clean no more and then leave the printer turned on over night.

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